What an amazing eve …

“What an amazing evening… Taking off in many dimensions. Thank you for coming out and engaging in the sexpositive realm!!!“ (Linda Troeller)

I’m writing to first and foremost express gratitude for a great event last night, February 11th, at Bluestocking.  Also, to stay connected and recap on our NYC night for all of you.

We had a great turnout – I would guess around 50 people average throughout the evening.

In attendance were a diverse mix of friends, supporters of the work, lovely ladies featured in the work (!) Sofia and Dragonfly spoke, Linda and Lothar of course 🙂 Michelle and close ones, Gamze and Isaac (from The Bureau and a true supporter, Massage, and atmospheric pleasures), Chef James Ray provided his lovely nibbles and sweets.

It was so lovely to see our Daylight team come support, Andrea and Susanne. It was also great to meet and discuss future partnerships and potential collaborations Embodied Femme, more Forum participants.

A lovely feature were the Orgasm 5 Questions cards, (many thanks to Michelle here for providing them! @michellejoni on instagram/twitter) that we also have on our website/forum.. Guests were encouraged to answer these as soon as they arrived and this provided a warm participatory, intimate note of inclusion, and moment for reflection with the topic from the get go. The participants were able to share their answers after Linda’s presentation.

Linda’s presentation with Lothar’s help went very nicely. Throughout the talk Linda’s photographs were also displayed on the bookshelves lining the guests seats. 

Our teamwork was really lovely to see.  From the beginning of the night I watched a transformation of what is typically a bookstore with many shelves, smoothly transform into a multifaceted space (hosting massage, food table, activities space, guests seats, orgasm music playlist sonically, projector of slideshows, art display, amidst such great books and items of The Wonderful Bookstore and cafe space of Bluestockings.  A legendary space and honor to be in

All in all, a good time was had by all!

Lots of love and well wishes!

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