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The Erotic Lives of Women – Short Introduction

The Erotic Lives of Women is the product of an ongoing collaboration between the photographer Linda Troeller and the writer Marion Schneider.  In this book the following questions are examined and related to by over 30 women from almost a dozen countries [ first released 1998 ].

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What does the word “erotic” mean to you? What was your first erotic experience? What was your strongest erotic experience? Do you have any fantasies?

The Erotic Lives of WomenThe result is a fascinating collection of texts and images of women who tell their moving personal stories of eroticism, sexuality, and desire: first experiences, erotic fantasies, sexual self-confidence, personal fears, romantic longings and different levels of sexual relationships with others.  These women share their innermost feelings and experiences breaking the grounds on desire, pleasure and emotions. They show that once forbidden erotic pleasures can have a liberating effect on women and their relationships and they invite others to uncover and explore themselves.  This book creates a new map for female pleasure and encourages other women longing for a new sensuality to fulfill their erotic fantasies and dreams.

The Erotic Lives of Women is different [from typical accounts], and should be honored as one of the most gutsy and imaginative erotic books of the decade. — The New York Times Book Review, Susie Bright

“The Erotic Lives of Women” – Linda Troeller / Marion Schneider
Scalo Zürich-Berlin-New York, ISBN 3-931141-74-8, Hardcover Book: 35 interviews with women throughout the world about their erotic lives, together with expressive photographs of them.