Photographer’s Journey: The orgasmic experience of a wedding proposal

After an interview for Orgasm, I’d talk to the woman about how she wished to be photographed while using my own intuition and eyeing the location, her clothes or objects there to offer ideas. In the shoot in Colombia, Marcela said she wished to show her strongest orgasm that happened after her boyfriend asked her to marry him. She is a beautiful, creative woman with ravishing blonde styled hair and an hourglass body. She said she had been chased by a number of men but in the end, her partners let her down and it never led to marriage.  When she was offered marriage, she became thoroughly aroused and climbed up into the lover’s loft bed where she offered herself to him. For her photograph I asked if she still had her wedding veil, and she did and I photographed her re-staging her in her veil and then at the site of her strongest orgasm.  She presented herself to me as she had to her partner in the moment of her strongest orgasm. She reflects in the book on that orgasm and the ones since.

Marcela said, “With orgasms all your being can be given to the other person. You do not keep anything for yourself.  When you reveal yourself to another in an orgasm you commit yourself, you express yourself, you love yourself, and in that moment, creation appears. Over the years orgasm has been a process of learning who I was and who I will be.”

Written by Linda Troeller

Featured Image Copyright Linda Troeller