Photographer’s Journey: Representation without objectification

Some colleagues, curators and experts have written about my photographs which provides feedback and shows me that my process is useful and important.

Mimi Schippers, Professor at University of New Orleans, wrote: “There are very few people who, in our pornified society, can visually capture and eroticize the female and feminine body without objectifying it. In her photographs, Linda Troeller captures the confidence, strength, and power in women’s erotic lives.  And she does so without the usual trite and cliché images of feminine vulnerability and modesty and without the masculine gaze.  Linda Troeller’s subjects, the women she photographs, come alive in her work as just that.  Desiring and desirable subjects rather than sexual objects.”

Portraying female sexuality without objectifying the women I photograph has indeed become my mission which came to life in the books Erotic Lives of Women and Orgasm.

Written by Linda Troeller

Featured Image Copyright Linda Troeller