Photographer’s Journey: Documenting the becoming of a woman

Our book Orgasm explains women’s early orgasm experiences. There has been little research done in this area, so I know these women’s narratives will help readers to reflect on their own youthful sexual growth which was one of our goals when creating the book. One of the women in our Erotic Lives of Women book said:

“Troeller doesn’t just photograph women; she photographs the becoming-woman of a girl, the molecular spin of a girl when she feels herself and makes herself felt as a woman. The becoming of a thigh, the becoming of a nipple, the becoming of a mouth; a pout. Here is a woman feeling herself, playing herself, turning into herself. Troeller turns her camera on these turns, she knows us and how a body can remain at rest, while sexuality becomes mobile and nomadic. “

Written by Linda Troeller

Featured Image Copyright Linda Troeller