Photographer’s Journey: A magical night including a romantic orgasm

In my photo and interview book Orgasm Annie describes the first time she felt the incomparable joy of an orgasm one night at the beach:

“I met a guy who was ten years older than me, who had a motorcycle and owned a hippie coffee shop.  And he was an artist. I think I needed to find an artist.  So, one night we drove his motorcycle up to the beach and spent the night at his parent’s beach house. I don’t’ know what my parents were thinking! We took some mescaline. Everyone was taking psychedelics at that time. It was the 60’s. And we walked on the beach.  The stars were unbelievable, and there were falling stars like one a minute. The ocean waves were full of plankton and so they looked like they were full of glitter. It was absolutely magical. We were kissing. He was a fantastic, gentle kisser. My heart exploded, it was a cosmic orgasm, very electric and also romantic. The veil lifted for some moments, and I dissolved into bliss.”

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Featured Image Copyright Linda Troeller