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„Alles in mir hast du aufgewühlt“ at the Leipzig Book Fair

On March 6, my first work of fiction in German, „Alles in mir hast du aufgewühlt” (“You Made All My Feelings Go Haywire”) was published by the Grössenwahn-Verlag in Frankfurt. The publisher describes the work with the words, “In this declaration of love to lovers, I have turned a classic triangle into a symphony of emotions. While prose dominates at the start, more and more lyrical elements gradually sneak in, transforming the realms of the protagonists’ thoughts into pure poetry.

alles_hast_du-webRight after the book’s appearance, I had the opportunity to read excerpts from my “Symphony in Three Movements” to highly receptive audiences in the framework of the Leipzig Book Fair. At the “Night of Love Relationships” on March 14, 2015, in the “Little Reverie” in downtown Leipzig, I joined four splendid authoresses published by the Grössenwahn-Verlag: Safiye Can, Todora Radeva, Olga Zimmermann, and Helga Brehr. It was Helga who supported me at the reading by taking over the role of Nina, while Klaus Lohmann read the part of the male protagonist, Max.

On the morning of March 15, 2015, I presented my book at the excellently attended Leipzig Book Fair itself. Assisted by Safiye Can, who took on the role of Nina this time, and Klaus Lohmann, who lent his voice to Max again, and alternating successfully between reading chapters and responding to questions about the book, I imparted a representative impression of my first literary work in German. Afterwards, inspiring conversations with the listeners ensued. I rejoiced particularly over the positive feedback – on both the contents of the work and the reading itself.

Spurred on by these experiences in Leipzig, I am joyfully looking forward to the next reading dates. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Grössenwahn-Verlag for the organization, and Helga Brehr, Safiye Can, and Klaus Lohmann for their support during the readings.

The enclosed photo as well as this report broadcast on Salve TV give a vivid idea of what the reading was like.

As for my readings in the near future, I would be very happy to receive invitations to suitable locations.

Marion Schneider Lesung WeimarFurthermore, on March 25, 2015, at 7:00 pm in the VCH Hotel Amalienhof, Amalienstr. 2 in Weimar, I will read from the book, “Orgasm: Photographs & Interviews” which I have brought out together with the photographic artist Linda Troeller from New York, the theme of which is female orgasm. Everyone will be most welcome! The reading can also be found on Facebook under this link.

Marion Schneider