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Inside My Body – Book Tour Review

The authors of “Orgasm: Photographs & Interviews” are back from their 7 city Book tour in Germany and Austria and sharing feedback from the project

“With the book tour to Leipzig, Frankfurt and Vienna we focused on the art scene. It was suprizing that there were few photographers attending, rather many graphic designers, editors and sexual therapists among many other professions. Each gallery owner met us with sincere interest.

( Read More about the Tourplan )  ( Orgasm-Lecture on TV )

We wish to thank our tour manager; Kristin Dittrich for arranging these beautiful, significant spaces that had invited people from their guest lists, newspapers and radio announcements.

There were many in the standing room only crowd and many questions. Audience members often commented that it was meaningful yet very surprising that women in the book could reveal their intimate life. The variety of very personal questions and intellectual dialogue on the ‘orgasm’ experience after each lecture inspired us. One young woman revealed to us that she had never had an orgasm yet, and she bought a book in order to learn what this feels like.

We are confident that from the 25 different definitions of orgasm in our work she will find her way. In Vienna, Maja Bacer at Photon Image Library introduced us to a number of projects focusing on taboo and we will have our book circulating to other locations in that city.” Marion Schneider  & Linda Troeller

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