Join #myOrgasmproject! The 5 QuestionsCards

25 women answered the 5 questions in the book, Orgasm: Photographs and Interviews. Tenderly, the stories unfolded in Linda Troeller and Marion Schneider’s arms, generously, and one by one. And ever since I joined in, my orgasms have gone off the charts! The more consciousness I bring about my orgasms, the more they keep expanding. That’s how it works. It’s AMAZING.

Now, it’s your turn. It’s time to cause a mass vibration!

What will you discover about yourself by answering these questions about Orgasm? What can you learn or teach by reading the stories of others? How will you be taken to the depths of pleasure? By sharing your answers, you are actively part of the Orgasmic communication shift.

We invite you to give these questions a try for yourself!

But first: Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and let it out slowly. Honor yourself to be at the exact perfect place in your project at this very moment.


5 Question CardsPrint out these cards on the thickest paper you’ve got. Have fun! Cut them out, use markers. Grab some friends – or a camera – and PLAY! Here in New York we’ve brought the hell-O Kitty way to play to some parties and now you can play at home with a partner or friends.

Stay in TOUCH – and go on your own ::magical:: Orgasmic journey! Use the hashtag #myOrgasmproject to stay connected with questions, discoveries, pictures and so on.

It begins right NOW!

Michelle’s Yoni
@michellejoni on instagram/twitter


HOW TO: hell-O Kittying the 5 Questions


  • Print out these Cards on thickest paper you’ve got
  • Grab onto the Hello Kitty Toothbrush 1-Minute Timer (or, use any 1-minute timer if you are not privy to such a drugstore find)
  • Choose the O-card you would like to start with. You can go in any order.
  • Have an Asker read the question aloud to you. When you are ready to speak, press the button.
  • The light will begin flashing! And here, you speak.
  • You must fill up the entire one minute answering. If this feels long and uncomfortable, great – you are pushing your own usual limits when it comes to placing language around your orgasms!
  • When your 1-minute is up, STOP SPEAKING!
  • Wish you could keep speaking? At this point, the asker asks: Would you like another Kitty?
  • If YES, you may fill another minute speaking or acting it out.
  • If NO, you may move onto the next question.
  • Do this until all parties have answered all 5 questions.
  • Decorate the book to be all YOURS!

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